Are Your Finances Sparking Joy?

If you are like so many of us right now you might have seen (or at least heard of) the new Netflix craze, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.  Each episode focuses on world-renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo helping a family declutter their homes to choose joy.  Watching the show you see how the process of[…]


So how many of us are still working towards those lofty goals we set back on January 1st?     As financial planners we speak with clients all day long about goals – setting goals, short-term goals, retirement goals and of course there is some celebration when clients have reached a goal!  While the financial goal[…]

The Catalyst

Last Saturday I jumped on the bandwagon and tried celery juice for the first time.  I do not own a juicer so after reading a few blog posts I decided I could make it using a few other items I had in my kitchen.  As usual, my 4 year old woke me up before 6:00am,[…]

I Don’t Pay For My Investments…Wait, I’m Paying How Much???

  Question:  Do you know how much you are paying in fees in your investments accounts each year? Unfortunately for most investors this is not an easy question to answer, so here is a quick summary of the ABCs of investment fees: Account/Custodial Fee:  An annual fee may be charged by the financial institutional holding[…]

A Simpler Method: Contribution to Elon Magazine

A simpler method A financial planner, Katie Jarret Burke ’03 is focused on advising busy professionals and young families. By Sarah Collins ’18 Katie Jarret Burke ’03 might be a young financial planner, but she has more experience in personal finance and entrepreneurship than many professionals gain during long careers. That robust experience led her last[…]

Alumni Advice: the Do’s and Don’ts of Financial Planning

Alumni advice: the Do’s and Don’ts of financial planning Katie Jarret Burke ’03 offers practical financial planning strategies for the Class of 2016 and young alumni. By Sarah Collins ’18 Katie Jarret Burke ’03 jumped into financial advising shortly after graduating from Elon when she took a job at a Baltimore-based firm as a mutual[…]